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What our patients are saying

Diana S. says:

The staff is amazing and truly care about their patients. I went in around the holidays with lower back pain and they made sure that I was comfortable enough for therapy prior to seeing Dr. Schutz. I just love going in for regular chiropractic wellness appointments so I can continue pain-free in my normal daily routine. Thanks Waverly Chiropractic Specialties!

D. Campbell says:

kind staff. amazing care. highly recommend.

Jeremy H. says:

I have always been impressed with Dr. Schutz and his staff! They always make me feel welcomed and ask me how I am doing. I try to have a set schedule for maintenance but, I am never afraid to go in sooner should I feel my spine is out of place. If so, they find a time to get me in.

Ashley M. says:

The FRIENDLIEST and most professional staff around! I had never been to a chiroprctor before until trying this place just over a year ago. I started with a few small weekly adjustments to ease into the process and I then transitioned to a routine monthly adjustment to maintain and started to feel "out-of-whack" every 3 weeks or so. I changed my routine adjustment to every 3 weeks and I've felt great all the time ever since! Now when I occasionally strain my neck or back in between visits, the pain is only minutes and used to be days! I'm so thanful I finally gave a chiropractor a try and these people have made my experience successful!

Brandon K. says:

Have been to many chiropractors and this one is by far my favorite! Very professional, they always greet with a smile. They are thorough and quick!